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Barley Grass for Weight Loss

Even though barley grass has been around for centuries, it is no longer a staple food item in most people's diet 1. Barley grass contains a variety of nutrients and confers health benefits such as support for healthy weight loss 123. Enjoy all of these benefits by having just one serving of 3.5g daily.


Barley grass cultivation has been around since 7000 B.C 1. Barley grass was eaten by Roman gladiators because it offered them greater stamina 1. It is believed that barley was brought to America by Christopher Columbus in 1493, most likely for grain production. Barley was and is a staple in many Middle Eastern diets.


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Barley grass is rich in beta carotene and calcium and it contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes 1. Barley grass is packed with fiber and has more iron than spinach 1. Barley grass can be harvested for grain, cut and juiced, or dried to be put into capsule form 1.


Barley grass is nutrient-dense food because it provides full body nutrition 1. Barley grass powder is easily digested, which allows for rapid and quick nutrient absorption by the body 13. Barley grass provides all nutrients needed by the body 1. It aids cell repair; improves skin health; eases arthritis, asthma and migraines; combats cancer; and helps reduce fatigue.

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Barley grass is also rich in chlorophyll, which is the basis of all plant life 1. Chlorophyll has been shown to alleviate blood sugar problems in addition to other benefits like neutralizing toxins, purifying the liver and rebuilding blood cells. Balancing your blood sugar keeps your hunger in check by preventing mid-afternoon hunger pangs or cravings. Barley grass and powder have been shown to help stimulate weight loss when added to a healthy diet 13. Fiber also helps regulate your blood sugar and helps keep you full between meal times. Fiber also binds fatty substances in the intestine and excretes them as waste.


The best way to consume barley grass is to drink it freshly pressed 1. In order to have this readily available, however, you would need to grow your own barley grass 1. Barley grass is also commonly consumed through powder form, which can be mixed with juice or water 13. The manufacturing process for the powder retains most of its nutrients and some of its enzymes. However, barley grass pills or tablets are void of healthy enzymes 1.