Calories Burned in an Aerobic Pole Dancing Class

Fitness should be fun, and make you feel good. Pole dancing definitely fits this criteria and burns calories.

Pole dancing is the workout to do if you want to exercise to get fit, feel good about your body and do something fun. You might not want to tell your mom this is your ticket to weight loss, however. The number of calories you burn depends on how intense your routine is, your size and how long you keep up the workout 2.

How Do Fitness and Pole Dancing Mesh?

Aerobic pole dancing is a form of group fitness aerobics which ramps up to a moderate level of exertion, both in the cardiovascular and resistance realms. You learn to dance, swing and strengthen around the pole so it works the body in a way that's similar to a combination of yoga and Jazzercise 1.

You'll perform dance moves on the floor around the pole as well as learn to use the pole as a prop to work hard while you look sexy.

Calorie Burn

Pole dancing doesn't burn a set number of calories. Most women can expect to burn between 200 and 350 calories in an hour depending on their size and the intensity of the session. If your pole dancing session makes your heart rate increase and raises your breath rate, chances are it's burning in the higher range of calories.

Body weight is a major variable in calorie burn. The more you weigh, the more effort every activity requires. So, if your carrying a little extra love — you'll burn more calories than someone who is super light.

More than Calories

The benefits of a workout aren't just in the number of calories burned. If you love pole dancing and want to go back again and again, then it's a great fitness option for you and better than higher calorie burners that you avoid. Plus, you may just feel inspired to watch your calorie intake and food choices a little more carefully so you do create a body you can't wait to show off on the pole.