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Velocity Diet

By William Lynch ; Updated July 18, 2017

If you want fast weight loss, and who doesn't, the Velocity Diet is marketed to you. As its name indicates, the Velocity Diet promotes losing weight quickly. Over the course of 28 days, dieters use a combination of protein shakes and metabolism-boosting supplements to replace regular meals. This drastic approach to dieting sheds pounds quickly, although such rapid weight loss and such a restricted diet may be unhealthy and difficult to sustain over long periods of time.

Velocity Diet Features

The Velocity Diet replaces regular meals with specially made protein shakes purported to deliver all of your necessary calories and nutrients. Before starting the plan, you must decide your ideal caloric intake to determine the number of shakes you’ll consume each day. FitandHealthy.com explains that on the Velocity Diet you will eat only one solid meal per week. The meal should consist of whole, natural foods like brown rice, berries, low-carb vegetables, lean meats and fish. By eating only one balanced, wholesome meal each week, you supposedly retrain your taste buds to crave healthy foods.

Protein on Velocity Diet

The Velocity Diet program requires you to mix your own protein shakes using only Metabolic Drive low-carb protein drink. Metabolic Drive contains micellar casein, a slow-digesting form of protein, according to NutritionExpress.com. Since the protein in the shakes takes longer to digest, you feel fuller longer, allowing you to resist straying from the diet plan. You will drink between four and six shakes per day depending on caloric restrictions and should perform weight training at least three times a week.

Benefits of the Velocity Diet

The Velocity Diet’s protein shakes contain solid nutritional value, with flax seeds and fish oil capsules used to supply healthy fats along with the protein and carbs. The weight-loss plan also places an emphasis on weight training to help build muscle and promote overall fitness. If followed according to the guidelines, the Velocity Diet promises to shed pounds quickly, making it especially appealing tif you are lacking in patience.

Things to Consider

The Velocity Diet’s list of required supplements includes Metabolic Drive low-carb protein drink, Surge Recovery drink mix, Hot-Rox Extreme fat-loss capsules, Flameout EPA/DHA fatty acid capsules, Biotest Superfood powder mix and Biotest L-Leucine Anabolic Food Additive. Using anything but the recommended supplements is said to compromise the diet’s effectiveness. The cost of purchasing the supplements will also cancel out any savings on groceries. And while the diet features little cooking or food preparation, mixing the shakes can grow tiresome due to the precise measuring involved.

Safe or Not?

The Velocity Diet lacks significant scientific research to support its safety and effectiveness. At its essence, the Velocity Diet remains a liquid diet. The lack of solid food makes it not only difficult to follow but also potentially unhealthy. Also, while weight loss may be dramatic at first, the weight typically returns once the you return to eating regular foods.

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