Should I Take Vitamins With Hydroxycut?

Hydroxycut is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you lose weight by increasing the body’s ability to burn fat faster. It is important to note that this supplement is banned by the FDA because of numerous complaints of liver damage or liver failure, however, many people have had success using Hydroxycut on a short-term basis. Fitness experts recommend taking a vitamin and mineral supplement with Hydroxycut. In fact, a vitamin supplement can help you avoid side effects of this supplement.

Is This an Emergency?

If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.


Like many weight loss supplements, Hydroxycut contains green tea extracts along with caffeine. It also contains white tea extract, potassium, calcium and chromium. Green tea has been found to be helpful in promoting weight loss because of its high antioxidant content when used 15 minutes before starting your workout. Caffeine is used in almost all weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants for providing energy.


Hydroxycut previously contained ephedra, which has been the cause of numerous medical complications 1. Ephedra has been banned by the FDA and Hydroxycut manufacturers changed the supplement’s formula, removing ephedra from the list of ingredients. According to Love To Know, Hydroxycut users have reported heart complications from using this supplement, but it is unclear if it was because of ephedra 1.

Side Effects

Since Hydroxycut no longer contains ephedra, serious side effects have been eliminated, but the more common side effects include:

  • nausea
  • restlessness
  • dizziness
  • palpitations
  • high blood pressure
  • acne
  • loss of erectile functions
  • vaginal infections
  • nose bleeds
  • headaches
  • severe migraine 1

If you experience any of these in the initial one or two doses, you must stop using Hydroxycut immediately.

Avoiding Side Effects

Since Hydroxycut contains caffeine, the side effects can be reduced somewhat by eliminating caffeine intake while taking the supplement 1. This means no tea, coffee or energy drinks. Nutritional Supplements also suggests drinking at least a gallon of water every day. The other option is to take the caffeine free version of the weight loss supplement, which may not be as beneficial as the caffeinated version.


Remember that weight loss supplements work on burning food faster, which means that you might not be getting enough nutrition. According to Nutritional Supplements, you can curb most of the side effects by taking three 500mg vitamin B12 capsules along with two 1000mg vtamin C capsules to flush out toxins from the supplement. You can also take a nutritional supplement that has vitamins, minerals, and trace elements required for the normal functioning of the body.