Side Effects of Ripped Fuel Extreme

Ripped Fuel products by TwinLab, like Ripped Fuel Extreme, are ephedra-free dietary supplements, which are designed to help the body burn fat as well as enhance workout efforts by bodybuilders. Ripped Fuel products previously contained ephedra as part of its formula until 2004, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stepped in and banned ephedra-containing supplements. Consumers should know that weight loss supplements such as Ripped Fuel are not federally regulated precisely because they are designated as dietary supplements. However, any ingested substance carries the potential risk of side effects.

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Nervousness and Tremors

One of the main ingredients of Ripped Fuel Extreme to which an individual may have adverse reactions is caffeine. Specifically, the serving size of two capsules of ephedra-free Ripped Fuel Extreme, according to TwinLab, contains approximately 220 mg of caffeine. If you decide to try this product, the manufacturers' recommended dosage is two capsules of Ripped Fuel Extreme twice daily; thus, you will be taking 440 mg of caffeine by this route alone, plus any additional caffeine by beverages such as coffee, etc. Possible side effects that you may experience from the caffeine, as stated by MedlinePlus, are: feelings of anxiety or nervousness; having the “jitters” or feeling jittery; trembling such as a shakiness of the hands/fingers known as tremors; and, difficulty in sleeping or insomnia 1. These effects will be magnified if your caffeine sensitive. It is best that you speak with your physician beforehand if you are considering taking this weight-loss supplement.

Dizziness and Vomiting

Two other potential side effects that are associated with this weight loss supplements, reported by, are episodes of dizziness as well as vomiting 2. Slight sensations of lightheadedness or feeling like you are going to vomit are not considered serious, and likely will subside as the body adjusts to the supplement. However, if recurrent episodes of dizziness or vomiting occurs, then it is recommended that you stop taking this product and contact your physician for evaluation as soon as possible.

Hypertension and Palpitations

Ripped Fuel Extreme has the potential to produce more severe side effects, specifically, rapid heartbeats or palpitations, and hypertension, according to Additionally, headaches may be experienced as a consequence of increasing blood pressure. If you have a medical history of cardiovascular disease, a stroke or high blood pressure (hypertension), it is important that you do not take this product until you first discuss your health status and this supplement with your physician.