Emu Oil Remedy for Toenail Fungus

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Nail fungus on the toenails occurs when fungi invade one or more of your nails, according to the website Mayo Clinic. Infections may be painful and likely to recur. Using natural products, such as emu oil, may help prevent fungal infections by keeping your toenails and skin healthy and free of cuts. Fungi tend to enter the skin through tiny cuts or via small skin separations. There is not enough medical evidence to conclude that emu oil is safe or effective in treating toenail fungus.


If you have a toenail fungal infection, your nails may turn yellow, thicken, crumble and even smell. The infection may start off as a small white or yellow dot on the nail that grows as the infection deepens.

Your toenail may also appear dull and dark in color. It may even separate from the nail bed. Fungal infections are likely to persist until treated.


Emu oil has many healing properties, including the healthy skin promoting omega 3-, 6- and 9 fatty acids. Emu oil penetrates your skin easily and deeply; repairing it and allowing deeper penetration of prescription medications.


Emu oil features antifungal properties that combat many ailments, including toenail fungus, according to Emu Oil Info, an online health and wellness information site.

On its own, there is not much evidence that emu oil can treat fungal infections. It is a good carrier agent though, and Emu Oil Info recommends using emu oil mixed with tea tree oil to treat your toenail fungus. The emu oil helps tea tree oil to absorb deeply into the skin.


Toenail infections can be painful and are usually embarrassing. Treating them may not be easy and you may have to use prescription medications. These prescription medications also have side effects. If using emu oil is successful in treating your toenail fungus, you can avoid using prescription medications and their side effects.


You should not ignore medications that have a proven efficacy by relying too heavily on emu oil, according to biochemist, Robert Nicolosi, at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. Not using a prescription medication that works well for you in favor of emu oil can delay healing and even worsen a persistent fungal infection.

Avoid using emu oil during pregnancy and lactation as safety of using emu oil has not yet been established.

Side Effects

Not treating your toenail fungal infection may lead to permanent nail damage and result in more serious infections that can spread through your body, indicates the Mayo Clinic.

There have been no known side effects reports from using emu oil.