How to Get Rid of Skin Fungus From Tanning Beds

Skin fungus is a very common skin condition, and can easily be treated with medication. While it may not be common to contract a skin fungus from a tanning bed, you should make sure that your tanning salon cleans its tanning beds after each use. Fungi love to grow in warm places, so a tanning booth is a perfect place for them to lurk. Luckily, skin fungus is easily treatable, and in most cases you will not need a doctor's prescription.

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Know the symptoms. If you are not sure you have a skin fungus, contact your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. A skin fungus can cause red, itchy skin, scaly patches on different parts of your body, or small white bumps. Ringworm, a common skin fungus, looks like small pimples until it gradually grows into a ring-shaped rash, according to the Nemours Foundation.

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Purchase an antifungal cream. There are several available over the counter, including Lotrimin and Tinactin.

Wash and dry your skin and apply the cream in a thin layer to the affected area twice a day.

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If an antifungal cream does not treat your fungus, try an anti-dandruff shampoo. According to the American College of Dermatology, common dandruff shampoos contain anti-fungal ingredients, and can be applied to the skin to treat a skin fungus.

After taking a shower, apply the shampoo to the affected area, lather it up and leave it on your skin for approximately 5 minutes. Then rinse.

If you are still are unable to get rid of your skin fungus, see a doctor. She can prescribe an oral medication or a stronger anti-fungal cream.


Skin fungus has a tendency to recur, so don't be alarmed if it pops up again. The same treatments should work the second time around, but if you are having trouble getting rid of your fungus, visit a doctor.


If you received a skin fungus from a tanning bed, it is best to avoid that facility in the future or consider fake tanning products. All tanning salons are required by law to clean a tanning bed with disinfectant after each use.