Prism Weight Loss Plan

The Prism Weight Loss plan is a four-phase faith-based program, consisting of 42 days for each phase 12. The ideas presented in the program are principles which focus on restoring an individual into a whole person --- emotionally, physically and spiritually. The program uses a daily curriculum of inspirational messages presented in video, audio and workbook format. "The Prism Weight-Loss Program" is also the title of a book co-authored by Toni Vogt, president and co-founder of the program, and Karen Kingsbury, a well-known Christian author 12.


The Prism Weight Loss program was created in 1990 by Toni Vogt, who describes herself as a chronic yo-yo dieter and an emotional eater 12. Her battle with the scales led her to try every new fad or craze diet. When Toni hit rock bottom, she felt fat and depressed. Food had become her favorite sedative for numbing her emotional pain. As she slowly changed her eating habits and regained self-control, the basic concepts of the Prism Weight Loss program were born 12.

The Principles

Discipline, honesty, obedience, knowledge and self-worth are just a few of the fundamental principles that underscore the Prism program. More than just a diet, the daily program is designed to help you discover the deeper issues that cause you to overeat, as well as to raise your awareness about food addiction. In addition to the spiritual principles, the program promotes the idea that by following a healthy, reduced-calorie diet, you can learn how to eat wholesome foods in proper portions which will help you naturally lose weight.


The Prism Weight Loss program is designed for men, women and children who are seeking the tools for permanent weight loss 12. There are no special pills or supplements associated with the diet. Although marketed as a Christian-based program, faith is not a prerequisite and the program is open to anyone wishing to permanently change their eating habits. Like Weight Watchers, weekly group meetings are available for additional support. The basic program is designed to last for 24+ weeks, but you can purchase the program one phase at a time.


This plan may not be helpful for dieters looking for appetite suppressants or fat burning supplements. The website does not include money back guarantees or clinical data to support weight loss claims. The Prism program is a lifestyle guide that teaches you how to choose the right foods to eat as opposed to laying out daily menus.


Phase I of the program includes the introductory video and guide. Also included is a 42 daily lesson workbook and a transformation CD or tape. Phases II through IV are purchased separately. Order the entire program at once and you may receive a discount.