The Diet Center Diet Plan

The Diet Center is a franchise with weight loss programs available online as well as at brick-and-mortar locations in Canada and the United States 1. It’s a trademarked program in the style of Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. The Diet Center also offers its own custom-tailored products for its customers to purchase 1.


The Diet Center offers a credentialed support team that combines nutritional and medical advice for weight loss 1. There are a variety of diets or programs to meet individual goals. They all combine nutrition basics, exercise, behavior modification and counseling. Most of the programs focus on high-protein, low-carbohydrate meal plans and promise quick results. Many meal plans involve thermogenesis, a process based on the theory that certain foods work together to stimulate the body into burning fat and to control appetite. Progress is monitored constantly so a dieter’s program can be modified if necessary, and the programs are tailored to particular gender-based concerns and needs.


The Diet Center offers several plans under two categories, “Exclusively You” or “Instant Shape Up.” The first is the Diet Center’s cornerstone program 1. The second is a meal replacement program that can be used on its own for short-term dieting progress or as part of other plans.


The Diet Center’s website claims to have helped more than 15 million people lose weight fast 1. The DietSpotlight website, however, points out that the Diet Center does not actually offer any clinical proof of the success of its various diet plans or products 12.


In addition to selling everything from recipes to diet kits, meal entrees, vitamins and beverages--all under its own brand name--the Diet Center also charged a weekly membership fee of $6, as of 2010 1. There are no free samples to get you started or to allow you to decide if any of the Diet Center's plans are right for you before you buy into the program 1.


Like many franchised weight loss programs, the Diet Center offers a solid support network for individuals who need that kind of backup and motivation to keep going 1. If you don’t live near a franchise, you can still tap into support resources through the company's website.


Both DietSpotlight and a diet review website offered by Chase Freedom say that--unlike other national weight loss franchises--the Diet Center does not offer a money-back guarantee if you are not successful 12. It also does not publish any supporting data of the success of its various diet plans. DietSpotlight also points out that the behavior modification angle of the Diet Center programs can be somewhat radical 12. Chase Freedom questions the validity of its thermogenic products.