The Healthpointe Diet

Healthpointe is a program developed by the Lindora Clinic to teach people how to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Healthpointe provides meals plans, educational material and an online support system. The Healthpointe clinic franchises exist internationally, including in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The program focuses on a point system for shopping, detailed meal structuring and exercise.

Lindora Clinic

Lindora is a weight loss clinic that began in Newport Beach, California, in 1971. The clinic founder, Marshall Stamper, M.D., came up with the program after losing his mother to an obesity-related illness. Stamper believed that his program design could educate individuals how to live a healthy lifestyle. The goal was to lose weight quickly and safely. The Lindora Clinic still maintains a separate program for weight loss, but enhanced the original design to develop a franchising system known as Healthpointe 2.0.

Healthpointe System

Healthpointe is a comprehensive weight-loss system that provides menus and tools designed to help you reach a healthy weight and maintain it. According to the company website, the plan begins with the kick-start program which offers ten diversified menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are nutritionally balanced and portioned. The points system teaches you how to shop effectively while staying within the diet guide. Healthpointe is not a prepackaged meal system like other commercial diet plans. You purchase and cook your own food based on the menu.

Healthpointe Stage One: Weight Loss

The Healthpointe system works in two stages. Stage one is the weight-loss stage and lasts for a total of 45 days. During this time you spend the first three days learning how to work the program. The next 28 days use food combinations to burn fat and lose weight. The last 14 days are spent increasing your diet to add new foods and improve energy levels. Throughout stage one, you follow planned menus and an exercise program.

Healthpointe Stage Two: Maintenance

In stage two, the program focuses on maintenance. Stage two is an educational system that teaches you how to manage and balance your metabolism with exercise and food combinations. You learn to adjust your lifestyle to live without regaining the weight you lost in stage one. The plan provides details on how to improve your eating habits to continue to lose weight and ways to combine foods to enhance energy.

Program Tools

The program consists of menu plans for each stage. The menus contain detailed information on how to shop and prepare the food. The Healthpointe website reports that its menus offer a variety of different food groups for nutritional balancing. The journal is an online record of your daily food log and the point system for shopping and eating out; it also helps you monitor your progress and keep an exercise log. Healthpointe provides one introductory DVD that helps explain the stages and two CDs for motivation. Healthpointe uses daily walking to increase activity and burn calories. As part of the exercise requirements, Healthpointe provides a pedometer to measure your workouts and record the data in your journal.