Children's Vitamin That Contains Fluoride

Fact Checked

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Fluoride’s main job is to make teeth strong and to minimize decay. Most public tap water systems are fluoridated, but if you have well water with inadequate fluoride or if your child is at risk of developing cavities, your pediatrician might prescribe a multivitamin supplement that contains fluoride.

Fluoride Supplement Details

Children's vitamin supplements with fluoride are only available with a prescription. They’re designed for kids who are 6 months through age 16, the Linus Pauling Institute reports. Your doctor will determine how much fluoride, if any, is best for your child. Fluoride intakes requires careful monitoring in children, since too much leads to abnormalities in tooth development.

Special Considerations

Whether your child is taking liquid or chewable multivitamins with fluoride, don’t allow him to consume dairy with the supplements because calcium in milk-based foods can inhibit fluoride absorption. Chewable tablets need time to dissolve in the mouth or in drinking water for optimal absorption. Also, ensure that your child doesn’t swallow fluoridated toothpaste while brushing. The extra amount of fluoride in his system can quickly add up.