Weight Watchers Maintenance

Weight Watchers uses its patented points system to help you reach and maintain your goal weight 1. Upon starting the weight loss program, your points target is designed to help you lose weight at a healthy rate of 1 to 2 lbs. weekly. The maintenance phase adjusts that target to help you stay at or near goal weight 1.


To reach your goal weight, you determine how many points you are allowed daily using the Weight Watchers points quiz. Once you reach your goal, your points allowance increases so that you no longer lose weight. For maintenance, start by adding 4 points to your daily target. If you gain, adjust your points target down by 2. If you lose weight, add 2 points. Your optimum maintenance points target is one that helps you stay within 2 lbs. of your goal weight for three consecutive weeks, according to Weight Watchers.


The purpose of the Weight Watchers Maintenance phase is to help you maintain your weight once you reach your weight goal 12. During the maintenance phase, you make adjustments to find an appropriate points target for weight maintenance and continue your regular weigh-ins. The maintenance phase lasts at least six weeks, or until your weight levels out at no more than 2 lbs. under or over your goal weight.


The weekly allowance of 35 additional points that you can use any time during the weight loss phase of Weight Watchers is also part of the maintenance phase 12. The 35 points allowance renews weekly during the maintenance phase and can be used in any increments at any time or not used at all. Continue your exercise routine during the maintenance phase. Part of the Weight Watchers philosophy is to encourage long-term healthy eating and exercise habits 2.


Successfully completing the maintenance phase qualifies Weight Watchers Meetings members for lifetime membership status, according to Weight Watchers 12. To qualify, your maintenance weight must be within the Weight Watchers healthy weight range based on body mass index 1. Additionally, you must weigh in within 2 lbs. of your goal weight at least twice between making your goal and your final maintenance weigh-in. As a lifetime member, you can attend meetings anywhere, free of charge, as long you stay within 2 lbs. of your weight goal 1. Lifetime members who reach and maintain a goal weight within Weight Watchers healthy weight range are eligible to seek employment with Weight Watchers 2.


The six weeks of maintenance is intended to teach you how to stay at or near your weight goal after the maintenance period 1. To maintain your weight long term, continue to eat within your maintenance points target and exercise regularly. Weigh in at least monthly to help you stay on track. If you gain weight, lower your points target until you reach your weight goal and go back into the maintenance phase 1.