The Shaklee company has created a 90-day Cinch An Inch meal replacement and diet plan, which they have updated with the Shaklee 180 system. The creators tout both as being unique because the meals and shakes provided contain luciene, an amino acid that is required for the retention of muscle mass. Intense calorie restrictive and meal replacement diets are not right for many people, so you may want to consult a physician before you begin.

Shaklee Food Plan

For the first 90 days of the plan, you eat one meal each day that has a lean type of protein, like chicken or fish, and a green vegetable of your choice. You replace two of your other meals with either shakes or meal-replacement bars that come in the Shaklee kit. You can order either whey- or soy-based shakes, and they come in four different flavors. The meal-replacement snack bars come in two different flavors. Some people say that their energy levels fluctuate while on this diet, so you are allowed to introduce vitamin supplements and tea if you would like to boost your level of energy. The second 90 days focus on maintaining your weight-loss long-term.

What You Get

With your beginner's kit, you receive one can of the chocolate shake mix, a box of shake-mix packages in vanilla, a Shaklee supplement for energy, packets of green tea and a box of Shaklee snack bars. You also receive a journal to keep track of your daily meals and goals, a copy of the program guide, a pedometer to monitor the steps you take each day, a shaker to mix your shakes and a tape measure to monitor your progress. With the cost of your membership, you will also be directed to a website that provides support as you take part in the Shaklee program.

Free Time for Fitness

Life can be busy, not leaving much time for diet and proper fitness maintenance and goal setting; however, the Shaklee plan saves you time by taking care of two of your meals and one of your snacks for each day that you are on the program. This opens up time each day so you can focus on incorporating a fitness routine into your new dietary lifestyle.

Shaklee Weight-Loss System Precautions

Because your calories are restricted on the Shaklee plan, weight loss is highly probable; however, in order to maintain the weight loss, it is important to keep up the plan, continue to eat healthy and exercise 2. Lifelong weight loss and maintenance are not the same as dieting, so be careful when you decide to stop the Shaklee plan 2. Speak with a nutritionist or with your physician before your start or stop this plan to make sure that it is right for you.