Lansoyl Jelly Side Effects

Lansoyl jelly, also known as lansoyl gel, is a mineral oil laxative, in jellied form, used to lubricate the intestines making it easier to have bowel movements. Lansoyl gel is an over-the-counter medication, but is usually taken as prescribed my a doctor. It is taken orally, and not recommended to children under six years of age -- although in extreme cases of constipation in toddlers, it may be suggested by a doctor.

Common Side Effect

Because Lansoyl gel is essentially jellied mineral oil, it is a gentle, lubricating laxative with reportedly few side effects. The most common, according to, is skin irritation around the rectum. Fecal matter will have a coating of the gel on it, which could react with your skin.

Side Effect for Pregnant Women

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According to, lansoyl gel may produce a bleeding disease in newborns. It also may prevent the mother from absorbing valuable vitamins, such as:

  • A
  • D
  • E,
  • K
  • according to the Mayo Clinic 1

It is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Long Term Side Effects

As with any laxative, Lansoyl gel may be habit forming. Once the colon is lubricated, colon muscles don't have to work as hard to expel the fecal matter. Over time, they will become less efficient and more dependent on the laxative. According to the Mayo Clinic, prolonged use of Lansoyl jelly can result in a decrease in the amount of vitamins and nutrients the body absorbs 1. It is strongly advised to discontinue the use of any laxative after bowel movements have become regulated.

  • As with any laxative, Lansoyl gel may be habit forming.