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Medical Debt Relief Grants

By A.L. Kennedy ; Updated June 13, 2017

Medical costs may represent a significant part of a family's budget. In the face of an injury or sudden or chronic illness, medical debt can pile up. Many private foundations provide grants to families facing medical debt. If you meet a foundation's requirements, a medical debt relief grant may be a way to help pay off medical debt.

The Aubrey Rose Foundation

The Aubrey Rose Foundation was founded at the start of the 21st century by a family who lost their three-year-old daughter, Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp, to several complicated chronic conditions. The foundation provides grants to families facing medical bills for the treatment of a child's illness. To apply, families should send a letter to the foundation explaining their child's illness, their financial situation, and providing copies of any bills the family needs assistance in paying. You can contact the Aubrey Rose Foundation via regular mail or online:

Aubrey Rose Foundation c/o 4480 Oakville Drive Cincinnati, OH 45211

The Addison H. Gibson Foundation

The Addison H. Gibson Foundation helps prevent medical debt from occurring by providing grant funds to residents of western Pennsylvania who are facing expensive but necessary medical treatment. To apply, patients should contact the foundation's director with information about their condition, the treatment they will need for it, and the cost. The foundation pays the grant funds directly to the health care provider administering the treatment. Since The Addison H. Gibson Foundation will not pay for bills already incurred, patients should contact the foundation well before their treatment is to take place. Applicants must be referred by qualified physicians or social service workers who may request more information by contacting director Rebecca Wallace at (412) 261-1611.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation

The United Healthcare Children's Foundation provides grant funds to families with ill or injured children whose commercial health insurance does not cover the full cost of the child's treatment. To qualify, the patient must be 16 years old or younger and be covered by a commercial health insurance plan. Children covered by Medicaid, Medicare, or SCHIP are ineligible for grants from the foundation. The grants offered by the foundation are about $5,000 each, and are usually paid directly to the health care provider who is treating the child. The United Healthcare Children's Foundation can be reached at:

United Healthcare Children's Foundation MN012-S286 PO BOX 41 Minneapolis, MN 55440-0041 (952) 992-4459

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