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How to Increase Progesterone

Progesterone is one of the two major hormones of the female reproductive system. It's in competition with the other hormone, estrogen, to regulate the reproductive processes of the body. When your body doesn't produce enough progesterone, it leads to condition called estrogen dominance, which can lead to irregular periods, miscarriage, PMS, trouble concentrating and a myriad of other symptoms. There are many ways to increase progesterone as well as decrease estrogen in the body.

Know your levels. Ask your doctor to refer your for blood tests to determine baseline levels for your hormones. The hormone system is sensitive, so confirm that your progesterone is low before you begin trying to adjust it.

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Take a vitamin supplement. According to Dr. David G. Williams, taking beta carotene and vitamin E supplements stimulates the body to produce more progesterone. Avoid taking too much vitamin E, however, because 300 to 600 IU per day will lower progesterone. Aim for 150 IU.

Use natural progesterone cream 1. Buy these creams from vitamin and supplement shops. Rub the cream into areas with thin skin, such as your chest or the backs of your hands. This allows progesterone from the cream to absorb into your bloodstream.

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Take progesterone in supplements. Pills that introduce natural progesterone in to your body are hard to find. Because drug companies cannot patent progesterone, few produce and market it. According to Vanderbilt University, progesterone injections are more effective than tablets.

Change your diet. Avoid products like soy, tofu and soy milk. According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, these foods contain natural plant estrogen. More estrogen in your bloodstream enhances estrogen dominance.

Try herbs. Chaste tree berry or vitex, helps the corpus luteum to produce progesterone and estrogen in balance. It works indirectly, so it does not contain any hormones.