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How Does SLIMQUICK Work?

By Jill Corleone, RDN, LD ; Updated July 18, 2017

Weight loss is hard work, which is why some dieters turn to supplements such as SLIMQUICK for help. According to the official SLIMQUICK website, their weight-loss products help decrease appetite, reduce fluid retention, boost energy and speed up metabolism to help you burn fat. While there is one study supporting claims that SLIMQUICK can help with weight loss, you should discuss using this or any diet supplement with your doctor before adding it to your weight-loss plan.

SLIMQUICK Products and Ingredients

While SLIMQUICK initially offered a supplement designed specifically for women, the company now makes a variety of products for both men and women. These products come in various forms, including caplets, powdered drink mix packets, chewable gummies and protein powders. While each product contains its own set of ingredients, the one commonality is green tea and green tea extract in a special proprietary blend. The caplets contain a longer list of ingredients than the powders and gummies, with different ingredients in the men's and women's formulas. However, both caplet formulas contain cayenne, rhodiola, brown seaweed and pepper extract. The men's and women's caplets also have added caffeine.


According to the SLIMQUICK website, green tea is responsible for the weight-loss benefits. The makers report that the product contains high amounts of catechins, which are phytochemicals in the tea that may help increase calorie- and fat-burning. The company website cites a study from 2009 published in Alternative Medicine Review that investigated the effects of a green tea tablet on weight loss in a group of obese people following a reduced calorie diet. In this study, 100 people were divided into two groups, both following the same low-calorie weight-loss diet, with one group taking the green tea supplement and one group not. After three months following the diet, the green tea group lost more weight than the group not taking the green tea supplement -- 30 pounds versus 11 pounds. In addition to the weight loss, the researchers also reported an improvement in blood cholesterol, triglyceride and insulin levels in subjects taking the green tea supplement.

While this study shows promising results for the green tea diet pill, it's a small study. Larger clinical trials may be necessary before claims can be made. Additionally, it seems to contradict other studies, including a 2013 review published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, which notes that while green tea supplements help people lose weight, the amount isn't significant.

What About the Other Ingredients?

SLIMQUICK includes more ingredients than just the green tea, which is promoted as the ingredient most responsible for helping you lose. It also contains caffeine, which like green tea, may help you burn calories and lose some weight, or at least help you keep it off, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements.

The cayenne pepper is also said to help with weight loss, but the evidence is marginal and may not be as helpful to people who are overweight or who regularly consume the pepper. Used in traditional medicine, rhodiola may give you a boost of energy and help you through your workout. Brown seaweed is used in traditional medicine to help treat obesity and is a source of iodine, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. However, no studies have been conducted to determine whether seaweed actually helps people lose weight.

Maybe It's the Diet and Exercise Plan

In addition to the supplements, you also get a recommended diet and exercise plan when you purchase your SLIMQUICK product. The diet plan consists of calorie-controlled meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that keep calorie intake low. While the supplements may give you a slight boost in your calorie burning, most of what you lose may be due to dietary calorie restriction rather than supplement benefits. Most health care professionals agree that the key to weight loss -- and long-term success with keeping it off -- is making changes to your diet and exercise so that you're eating less and burning more calories.

Safety Concerns

Unlike prescription medications, over-the-counter diet pills don't have to be approved for safety and efficacy by the Food and Drug Administration. It's up to the maker of the products to ensure that they're safe. You need to be cautious when adding products like SLIMQUICK to your routine.

The ingredients in diet pills may interact with both prescription and OTC medications and may not make a safe choice if you have a chronic disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes, or if you are pregnant or nursing. For example, rhodiola affects how medications are metabolized, which may increase or decrease their effectiveness, and you need to be cautious when combining rhodiola with some drugs, such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications.

Additionally, as a source of caffeine -- both added and from the green tea -- SLIMQUICK may make you feel nervous and jittery and affect your sleep.

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