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How to Use a OneTouch Ultra Glucometer

By Sommer Leigh ; Updated June 13, 2017

The OneTouch Ultra glucometer from LifeScan offers blood glucose results in five seconds with the option to add meal flags or comments to document what affects your readings. The unit comes with a blood sampler and sterile lancets. Test strips are sold separately. LifeScan recommends testing on your fingertip for all types of testing, including before and after meals, after exercise, or when you are concerned about hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. Results obtained from your forearm or palm may differ from results obtained through a fingertip measurement.

  1. Insert a test strip as far as it will go into the meter's test port. Use clean, dry hands and do not bend or cut the strips.

  2. Look at the display and check that the code on the meter matches the code on the test strip's vial. If it does not match, use the arrow buttons to scroll through until you have selected the matching number.

  3. Press "OK" to advance to the "Apply Blood" screen.

  4. Wash your hands with water and soap before taking a blood sample to prevent infection.

  5. Twist the blue cap off of the blood sampler.

  6. Push a lancet firmly in the holder. Twist the disk until it separates from the lancet. Replace the blue cap on the blood sampler and twist it on until tight.

  7. Turn the depth adjustment knob toward the small dots for a shallow puncture or toward the large dots for a deep puncture.

  8. Pull the cocking control on the blood sampler back until you hear a click.

  9. Hold the blood sampler's tip against your finger's side and press the release button. Remove the blood sampler from your finger.

  10. Squeeze your fingertip to form a round drop of blood.

  11. Hold the blood drop to the channel on the test strip's top edge. Keep holding it until the confirmation window is full of blood. After counting down from five, your blood glucose along with the unit of measure, date and time will appear on the display.

  12. Press the up arrow to display the "Meal Flag" screen after receiving a result. Press one of the arrows to select if the reading was before or after the meal. Press the down arrow to display the "Comment" screen. Use the down and up arrows to select one of the comment choices, which include no comment, stress, illness, menses, vacation, medication and not enough food. Press "OK" to confirm your selection.

  13. Remove the test strip to turn off the meter, and throw the test strip away. Point the blood sample downward and push the release button to eject the lancet to dispose of it.

  14. Tip

    Do not test until the meter and test strips feel about the same temperature.

    For the best results, test in an environment where the room temperature is 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Keep the unit and supplies away from children. Some parts are choking hazards for young children.

    OneTouch Ultra test strips should not be reused; they are for single use only.

    Never share lancets with anyone and always use a new lancet each time you test.

    If you receive a high result, retest. If you receive the result again, discuss the results with your health care professional immediately.

    Used test strips and lancets are often considered biohazardous waste. Contact your city waste management department for information on local disposal regulations.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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