How to Use Caverject

Caverject is an injectable medication used by patients with erectile dysfunction or impotence. It is injected directly into the penis to allow patients to achieve an erection for sexual intercourse. Most patients develop an erection within 20 minutes of injection. The dose is determined by the prescriber with the goal for the erection to last up to one hour. The prescriber also instructs the patient on injection techniques. Patients may use Caverject up to three times weekly, but only once in a day.

Prepare the Caverject Device

Wash and dry hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Clean the tip of the Caverject device by rubbing the membrane with an alcohol swab.

Remove paper tab from the needle and press the needle to the syringe tip. Turn clockwise until the needle stops. Do not overtighten. Remove plastic cap from needle and reserve for later.

Hold Caverject device between thumb and fingers with the needle pointing toward the ceiling.

Rotate the white plunger rod clockwise until it stops to begin mixing the medication. Continue mixing the medication by turning the Caverject upside down, then back upright several times.

Examine Caverject solution for particles or cloudiness 1. It should be clear.

Turn the device upright and remove the needle cap. Press the plunger until it stops.

Turn the end of the plunger clockwise until the appropriate dose determined by the prescriber shows in the dosing window.

Place the Caverject device on the table or counter without touching the needle to any surface.

Prepare the Injection Site

Sit upright or recline slightly.

Grasp the penis with the thumb and first finger, stretching it along the side of one thigh.

Clean an injection site along the side of the penis with an alcohol swab. Save this swab for after the injection. Do not choose an injection site near the head of the penis or an area with an obvious vein.

Stretch the penis along the thigh again with one hand, holding firmly to prevent movement.

Use the other hand to perform the injection.

Perform the Injection

Grasp the Caverject device between the thumb and forefinger.

Push the needle into the prepared injection site until it stops.

Depress the plunger until the whole dose is injected.

Remove the needle from the penis. Hold the alcohol swab against the injection site for approximately five minutes to stop any slight bleeding that might occur.

Replace the plastic cap on the needle and discard the entire device in an appropriate sharps container.


Check the Caverject device before using to be sure it is the correct dose. Allow alcohol to dry on the skin to prevent burning during the injection. Sharps containers may be obtained at many local pharmacies.


Patients should call their prescriber for erections lasting longer than one hour. Any patient experiencing an erection lasting longer then four hours should call their prescriber immediately. Any redness, swelling or pain at the injection site should also be reported to the prescriber.