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Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor Instructions

By Sharon Therien

A heart monitor can work as an effective tool during a workout. You can use it to track your heart rate so you know the intensity level of your workout and to follow your workout patterns. The Timex Ironman heart rate monitor is comprised of a watch you wear on your wrist and a heart rate sensor you put on your chest. Follow the monitor's directions to get the most out of it.

Attach the Pieces to Your Body

  1. Add water to the sensor pads that come with the heart rate monitor. Use your finger, a sponge or a towel to apply water until the pads are wet.

  2. Position the sensor on your chest beneath your breasts. The sensor should be in the middle of your chest with the logo upright. Fasten the chest strap around your chest and upper back to keep the sensor in place.

  3. Fasten the watch to your wrist as you would a regular watch.

Input Your Information

  1. Pick one of the target heart zones included in the heart rate monitor. To do this, press "mode" until you see HRM setup; press "start/split" to go through the preset options; and then press "mode" to pick a preset and to leave the mode. Alternatively, you can manually enter a heart rate zone.

  2. Press "heart rate" to turn the audible alert on or off. This alert lets you know when you go under or over your target heart rate. Press "heart rate" until you see "hold alert on," then press "heart rate" until you see "audible alert on." You do the same to turn it off, but choose "hold alert off" and "audible alert off." Press "mode" to choose your selection.

  3. Set your maximum heart rate, heart rate display and weight. You can enter this under the "HRM setup" section under "mode," just like you did to enter the heart zone. To figure out your maximum heart rate, subtract your age from the number 220.

Use the Monitor During Your Workout

  1. Press the "mode" button on the watch. Continue to press it to scroll through different mode options and choose the mode you prefer from timer, chrono and time of day options. Choose "chrono" if you want it to automatically record your heart rate and workout information.

  2. Press the "heart rate" button on the watch to sync it to the heart rate sensor. You will see an icon of an empty heart shape on the watch's display. The heart will turn solid and start to make a pulse movement when it is finished syncing.

  3. Perform your workout and check the display on the watch to track your heart rate. If you are using chrono mode, press the "stop/reset/set" button when you are finished with your workout to stop the recording process.

  4. Press the "mode" button and choose the review mode to see the recorded information from your workout.

  5. Tip

    When you sync the chest heart rate sensor with the watch, you should be 6 feet or more away from sources of interference, which can be electrical or radio waves. This includes other heart rate monitors.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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