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Yogi Tea DeTox Review

By Kay Wiki

A company called Yogi Products creates Yogi teas. The company has a philosophy of creating products that support the mind, body and spirit. The company uses Ayurveda, which focuses on natural remedies. The creators of Yogi teas believe that health can be found in nature.


Yogi DeTox tea is designed to rid the body of impurities. The company created the tea so people can aid their bodies in cleansing itself. The tea works by filtering two organs, the kidneys and liver. In addition to regular DeTox tea, the company also produces a tea that promises to detox the skin. Yogi Skin DeTox tea was created to purify a person's body and produce clear, healthy and glowing skin.


Yogi DeTox tea ingredients include black pepper, ginger and Indian sarsaparilla. It also includes herbs such as dandelion, burdock and Juniper berry. Yogi DeTox tea is all natural. It contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The tea is also caffeine-free.

Reviews and Customer Insight

According to Yogi Products, many people appreciate the tea; however, the site also contains several unsatisfactory reviews (as of August 2010). These reviews primarily consist of individuals who experienced unusual side effects from the tea, such as physical fatigue, anxiousness and hot flashes. On, reviewers describe the tea as having a mild and pleasantly spicy flavor.

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