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How to Change Polar Heart Rate Monitor Batteries

By Frank Whittemore

Polar produces small, portable heart rate monitors that are worn on the wrist and provide biometric information to the wearer. Cyclists, runners and others involved in athletic and fitness activities can use these devices to track and record their heart rate, set alarms for target zones and view an EKG-type display of heart activity, depending on the model. Other features can include time-keeping, altimeter and barometer, cadence settings, GPS and more. Polar heart rate monitors are battery-operated and require occasional battery changes. It takes just a few minutes to change the battery for heart monitors and the accompanying GPS sensor.

Heart Monitor Battery

  1. Insert the edge of a small coin in the back of the battery compartment cover. Open the back of the unit with the coin by turning the cover from "CLOSE" to "OPEN."

  2. Insert the point of a toothpick under the edge of the battery and gently pry the battery out of the compartment.

  3. Remove the old ring seal from the groove that runs around the battery compartment cover. Install a new ring seal on the cover.

  4. Hold the new battery by its edge. Avoid holding the battery between your fingers on the flat portions because this can cause it to short circuit, discharge and lose power.

  5. Insert the new battery in the compartment with the positive side facing the battery cover. Replace the battery cover. Turn the cover with the coin from "OPEN" to "CLOSE."

  6. Switch the heart rate monitor on to test that the battery is properly installed. Re-enter your personal settings into the heart monitor.

GPS Sensor Battery

  1. Insert the edge of a small coin in the sensor battery compartment cover on the right side of the sensor case. Turn the coin counterclockwise to release the cover. Remove the cover from the sensor case.

  2. Slide the old AA battery out of the sensor case. Wait 90 seconds before inserting a new AA battery.

  3. Insert the new battery into the sensor case so that the positive terminal faces the cover.

  4. Replace the battery cover in the sensor case. Turn the cover clockwise with the coin to close the cover.

  5. Warnings

    If the battery does not come out of its compartment easily, do not use force to remove it. Have the unit looked at by an approved service technician.

    To lengthen the lifespan of your heart monitor battery, use the back light function as little as possible.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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