Acupressure for Libido

If you are concerned about your lack of libido, you may want to consider some alternative therapies. Start by asking your doctor about acupressure treatments. Chinese medicine, the origin of acupressure, has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of disorders. If you are needle shy, acupressure is a great way to get the benefits without the stress. Talk to your doctor about your concerns to see if acupressure may work for you.

Low Libido

According to, a woman's sexual desire can fluctuate based on menstrual cycles, menopause and life events. About 40 percent of women will complain of a loss of sexual desire at some point in their lives. For men, sex drive can decline gradually with age and sometimes with decreasing levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels begin to decline about one percent a year after the age of 30 and can be almost 50 percent lower by the time men turn 70. Loss of desire can stem from many different sources; therefore, it is important to talk to your doctor about your concerns to determine the best course of action for you.

Chinese Medicine Theory

Acupuncture and acupressure are techniques that are based on the Chinese medicine theory of energy, or qi. Qi is essential for life, and ancient Chinese medicine theorists believe that qi is concentrated in channels, or meridians, that correspond to different organs in the body, states the textbook "A Manual of Acupuncture." These meridians have specific points where the energy condenses; when stimulated, these points can help to heal imbalances in that particular energy meridian. According to, a lack of sexuality is extremely complex, with varying causes and effects. Chinese medicine theory treats a person as a whole being, attempting to promote balance in order to relieve symptoms.

Kidney Channel

The kidneys, according to Peter Deadman's "A Manual of Acupuncture," store your life "essence" and are in charge of reproduction. Therefore, having weak kidney energy can lead to libido concerns. If impotence is part of your diagnosis, kidney points three and 12 may be helpful, states the textbook. Kidney three is located at the inside ankle bone, in the depression between the bone and the Achilles tendon. Your practitioner will find kidney 12 on the abdomen, approximately four inches below the navel, and about half an inch lateral to the midline of the body, states "A Manual of Acupuncture."

Liver Channel

The liver channel is associated with women's cycles, so it is often used to help women treat fluctuations in their phases. Sometimes these fluctuations, as well as irregularities or lack of cycling, can be the basis for deficient sex drives. Liver point three is often used to help regulate menstruation and the organs in the lower abdomen, states "A Manual of Acupuncture." Your practitioner will find it on the top of the foot, in between the first and second foot bones. Liver point eight can also be helpful, and it is located on the inside of the leg near the knee, in between the two prominent tendons.

Ren Channel

The ren channel is often called the "conception vessel," and like its name indicates it is often used in helping with fertility and libido, states "A Manual of Acupuncture." Ren point three connects with the kidney channel and can be used for strengthening the kidneys, genital concerns and irregular menstruation. It is located approximately four inches below the navel. Ren six is also useful in cases of impotence, states, and is located about an inch and a half below the belly button.


As stated earlier, low libido can have many different causes. Discussing your particular symptoms and health history with your doctor is an extremely important part of finding a treatment.