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List of Hand Reflexology Points

Reflexology is a touch science. The earliest evidence of Reflexology comes from China, circa 2700 BCE. The reflex is stimulated by direct pressure to the particular point. On the palm and wrist there are some 45 reflex points, and on the back of the hand 28 reflex points, that represent a particular organ, region, or function of the body. Combinations of reflex points are used in Reflex therapies.

Points For Upper Body

Side of head (inside of upper thumb) Sinuses (fingertips) Nose (pads of fingers) Eustachian tubes (Base between the ring and middle finger at the palm) Ears (base of pinkie and ring finger) Eyes (base of the first and middle fingers) Brain (tips of the thumbs) Neck/Throat (above the base knuckle of the thumb and around) Thyroid (below the neck/throat) Parathyroid (within the thyroid band toward the center)

Middle Body

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Heart (below the pointing finger half way on the left hand) Throat/neck (around the thumb below the first knuckle) Shoulders (Under the pinkie knuckle at the edge of the palm) Solar plexus (below the heart area on the left palm and near the space at the base of the thumb) Spleen (left side halfway down below the ring and pinkie fingers) Liver (right halfway down below the ring and pinkie fingers) Gall bladder (right halfway down below the space between the middle and ring fingers) Pancreas/stomach (around the base knuckle of the thumb)

Lower Body

Ascending, transverse and descending colon (along the lower mid-palm to the rectum point just above the left wrist) Bladder Uterus and prostate (the lower outboard area of the palm below the thumb) Ovaries and testes (where the wrist and the hand meet below the pinkie finger)


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The empirical evidence of reflex therapy is contained in work performed by the International Institute of Reflexology in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Below are some of the conditions and combinations of reflexes used.

Addiction and craving: (lymph, solar plexus/stomach, pituitary, spine and adrenals; plus full hand massage) Cold and flu: (lungs, sinus, lymph, solar plexus, adrenals, and pituitary points. Plus the tips of the fingers and thumbs, two areas below the knuckle under the pointer finger, one area under the middle finger knuckle, and one mid way down from the pinkie knuckle) Sexual energy: reflexes in men (testes, prostate and bladder). Reflexes in women (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes and bladder) Back Pain: (the spine area along the edges of the thumbs; points below the thumbnail. Points along the heel of the palm; these points are not exact, tenderness in an area communicates the location of these floating points) Mental Energy: (all points of the head, the neck, thyroid, sinuses, stomach, and intestines) Immune System: (all lymph points at the base of each finger on the back of the hand, spleen, liver, adrenals pituitary)

The Wrap Up

Reflexology is a touch science. Combinations of reflex points are used in Reflex therapies.