Uses for Benzoin Tincture

Benzoin tincture is a botanical product derived from the Styraceae tree, which grows in tropical Asia 1. Benzoin is a pathological product that is produced by incising bark from the trunk, exposing it to air and light, and collecting the resin that hardens as a result of this process. According to pharmaceutical product manufacturer, the James Alexander Corporation, you can use benzoin tincture as a skin protectant, a respiratory treatment and for dental issues 1.

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Skin Protectant

According to, benzoin tincture protects skin from irritation by forming a protective barrier over the affected area 1. It is effective for ulcers, bedsores and cracked nipples, according to the James Alexander Corporation. To protect sensitive areas of the skin with benzoin tincture, start by drying the affected area 1. Next, saturate a cotton applicator with undiluted benzoin tincture, and apply to the affected area until it is covered 1. Your doctor may prescribe benzoin tincture, but you can also buy over-the-counter benzoin tincture swabs 1. Use this medicine only as directed by your doctor or the package instructions.


According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, benzoin tincture relieves certain respiratory discomforts when it is added to vaporizer fluids 12. For instance, the addition of benzoin tincture to a cool water humidifier can relieve a lingering cough 1. Coughing is important because it helps your body clear irritants from its airways, such as smoke and mucus, and bacteria that may lead to an infection. However, if a cough last for several days or longer, it can begin to cause pain and discomfort. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute also claims that benzoin tincture, when applied to a vaporizer, will not heal the cause of the cough, but will help to relieve the cough itself, which will relieve the pain 12.

Dental Issues

According to the James Alexander Corporation, benzoin tincture can help several issues in and around the mouth, including cracked lips, inflamed gums and herpetic lesions 1. Herpetic lesions are caused by the herpes simplex virus and may occur in the form of cold sores or herpetic mouth ulcers. Herpes is a very contagious disease carried by as much as 75 percent of adults, and is incurable, according to Transmission of herpes occurs from direct skin contact or though oral secretions, even when no lesions are present. To treat dental issues with benzoin tincture, use a cotton swab that is saturated with the medicine and fully coat the affected area 1.