Uses of Thymol

Found in many local supermarkets and drug stores as an herbal supplement, thymol can be taken for the treatment of minor health ailments or for the promotion of overall health. Found in the form of pills, powders or liquid extract, this herb can also be found as an oil derivative of thyme, according to the University of Michigan Health System. Before choosing to use thymol for the treatment of any condition, speak to your medical professional.

Bronchitis Treatment

According to the University of Michigan Health System, one of the main uses of thymol is for the treatment of bronchitis. Thymol oil contains active ingredients that serve as an expectorant for patients suffering from the chronic disease. Due to the excessive fluid found in the chest and lungs, patients with bronchitis will experience bouts of violent coughing, according to the university website. However, thymol can help break down the mucus found in the body, making each cough more effective in clearing the air pathways. Speak to your medical professional to learn more about thymol treatment for bronchitis.


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According to, a website dedicated to providing information on both prescription and alternative medications, thymol can also be used as a powerful antiseptic. Thymol can be found in many mouthwashes and other dental products due to the herb’s natural ability to fight tooth decay and infection while also offsetting the effects of gum disease or bad breath. According to the website, rinsing for 30 seconds with a thymol mouthwash solution can help treat mouth bacteria that can lead to other medical complications. Before choosing thymol solutions as a means to treat any dental disorder, speak to your medical professional or dentist about your specific condition.

Additive in Cumin

According to, thymol can also be found in the herbal supplement cumin. As the website suggests, cumin can be used for the treatment of many minor health ailments, including the common cold, digestive disorders and even insomnia. Also according to the website, thymol can help promote lactation in birthing mothers who may be suffering from conditions that affect the amount of internal calcium found in their blood. To learn more about cumin and thymol, speak to your medical doctor before consuming the herb.