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Supplements to Increase Stamina

By Brian Willett

There aren't many skills that are required of all sports, but stamina is one. High levels of stamina can help you outperform your competition. Stamina is a consistent, long-lasting supply of energy and endurance. While physical fitness and diet can help improve stamina, you may also see significant results from the use of certain supplements. However, review these supplements and their ingredients so you understand their effects before use. In addition, consult a medical professional before beginning any supplement regimen.

Millennium Sport Cordygen VO2 Ultra

Many stamina supplements driven by stimulants may wear off with time. However, Millennium Sport Cordygen VO2 Ultra contains ingredients that work with your cardiovascular system to produce optimal benefits. One ingredient in Cordygen VO2 Ultra that may enhance stamina is jiaogulan. According to the website, this herb may improve heart function, endurance and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

VPX Redline RTD

This ready-to-drink supplement contains a blend of stimulants and other ingredients intended to provide sustained energy for a number of hours. Each Redline RTD contains significant levels of caffeine, yohimbine and green tea, among other ingredients, so you may not want to use this product if you are sensitive to stimulants. Scientific research indicates that Redline can be effective in improving stamina. A 2009 study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, conducted at the College of New Jersey, found that Redline improved reaction time, alertness, focus and energy.

Cytosport Fast Twitch

Cytosport Fast Twitch is a supplement intended to enhance athletic performance. In addition to containing stimulants, Fast Twitch is comprised of amino acids, creatine, electrolytes and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates in Fast Twitch come from maltodextrin, which can be absorbed quickly by your body for energy and endurance. Research suggests the combination of carbohydrates and amino acids can be beneficial for exercise performance.

A study from the October 2008 issue of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that a beverage containing amino acids and carbohydrates decreased fatigue and helped maintain exercise performance in consecutive training sessions compared to carbohydrates alone. However, this does not guarantee your performance will improve.

Red Bull

While you may think of Red Bull merely as a beverage, its high levels of caffeine and other ingredients, such as amino acids, make it very similar to other energy supplements on the market. In addition, Red Bull contains carbohydrates, which can provide additional energy. Research by scientists at the University of the West of England that was published in 2001 in the journal Amino Acids investigated the efficacy of Red Bull as a supplement. The study found that the drink significantly enhanced reaction time, concentration, aerobic endurance and anaerobic performance. This suggests that Red Bull may improve your endurance, though your results may vary.

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