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Ways to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating

By Drea Christopher ; Updated June 13, 2017

If your significant other has been distant, showing a renewed interest in his appearance or finding excuses to spend time away from you, you may suspect him of having an affair. Whether he denies the infidelity, or you’d rather gather evidence before confronting him about your suspicions, you can use a variety of techniques to determine if you do have an unfaithful boyfriend, or whether your insecurity is getting the better of you.

Check Finances

Examine your boyfriend’s spending habits if you suspect he’s cheating on you. The Health Guidance website notes that an unfaithful man will make more withdrawals from the bank to keep a stash of cash on hand. He may be using the cash to pay for dinners, gifts or hotel bills, since credit card charges are easy to discover and trace. Check his bank statements for the locations of the automated teller machine transactions. Note any dates when he claimed to be at “location A” all day, while the statements show that he made a withdrawal across town at “location B.” A boyfriend cheating with another woman may also have receipts for items such as flowers, jewelry or clothing that you never received.

Keep Activity Records

Catch a cheating boyfriend in a lie that supports your suspicions. Keep a written record of your boyfriend’s comments about his activities and his excuses for not being able to see you. Jot down the dates and times that he claims to be working late, out to dinner with his friends or unable to go out because he’s not feeling well, for example. Marie Claire magazine notes that your boyfriend and the person that he’s cheating with may have limited times that they can meet up with one another, so you may begin to notice patterns, such as the fact that he’s always “busy at work” on Wednesday nights. The dates that he claims to be feeling ill may also coordinate with receipts that you find from a bar or restaurant.

Check His Phone

Psychology Today notes that monitoring a significant other’s cell phone can help you uncover communication with another woman. Check the call log, sent and received text messages and the stored photos on his cellular phone. This is especially important if you notice he’s been putting the phone away abruptly as you enter the room or keeping the device on “vibrate” or “silent” mode so you won’t hear the tone for incoming calls and text messages. Match call dates with your written activity records to see if he frequently makes or receives calls to the same unfamiliar number on the nights that he gives excuses for being away from you.

Set a Trap

When you suspect your boyfriend is meeting another woman in his apartment, the Health Guidance website suggests telling him you’re going out of town on business or on a weekend getaway with friends and “staking out” his apartment to see if he has company that night. recommends taking photos of the other woman visiting his apartment so you’ll have evidence when you confront your boyfriend about the infidelity.

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