White Vinegar for Weight Loss

White vinegar for centuries has had many uses, from preventing gastric upsets to sterilizing wounds to cooking. White vinegar is also now used as a weight loss agent. It is an effective yet relatively inexpensive agent to help promote better digestive health as well as weight loss.

Health Benefits of White Vinegar

One of the most common types of vinegar used for weight loss is apple cider vinegar, a type of white vinegar. Apple cider vinegar holds strong detoxing and purifying agents. Adding this vinegar to your diet will help break down the mucus found in the body, which subsequently helps to improve the functioning of vital body organs. Cider vinegars will also help to neutralize harmful bacteria found in many foods.

Acetic Acid

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The acetic acid in vinegar is the factor that aids in weight loss. According to the research teams at the Central Research Institute in Tokyo, there is evidence that the use of acetic acid caused the genetic production of proteins that help break down fat in mice.

White Vinegar Diet

To follow a white vinegar diet, simply drink from one to three teaspoons of white vinegar around ten to fifteen minutes before you eat. Some people find that the taste of vinegar is hard to get used to, so starting with just one teaspoon is easiest. After a couple of days you may find the taste easier to handle.

When you use white vinegar as a weight loss agent, experts recommend eating healthy, choosing small portions, cutting out junk foods and sweets, and also getting moderate exercise.

Diet Pills

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There are pills and supplements you can take to replace actually drinking white vinegar for weight loss. This is helpful if the taste is too hard to take. Look online or in a local health food store for apple cider or white vinegar pills to help with weight loss.

Detoxifying Effects

The use of apple cider vinegar also detoxifies the liver, which can aid weight loss. Apple cider vinegar has also been known to increase the metabolism, balance out the body’s acidity and even reduce the appetite.