What Does it Mean If You Feel Flushed?

Feeling flushed is the sudden reddening of the face (often the cheeks), neck or upper chest, according to MedlinePlus medical encyclopedia. This redness occurs when body temperature rises unexpectedly, according to MotherNature.com.


Flushing (sometimes referred to as blushing) occurs in response to anxiety, stress, embarrassment, physical activity and some illnesses. When these factors cause a sudden rise in body temperature, blood vessels close to the skin dilate in a cooling effort, causing redness, according to MotherNature.com.


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Intense physical activity, such as working out, causes body temperature to rise. It is normal to feel flushed after heavy exercise, according to MotherNature.com.


Extreme emotional responses also elicit flushing, according to MedlinePlus. Feelings of anxiety, stress, excitement, embarrassment and fear cause the heart to race, increasing body temperature.


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Fluctuating hormones can cause flushing, particularly in pregnant women and women experiencing menopause, according to MotherNature.com.


Spicy foods, warm beverages (such as coffee or hot chocolate) and alcohol are all known to cause flushed skin, according to MedlinePlus.


Flushing may be due to fever caused by infection or heat stroke. Flushing occurring after exposure to high temperatures and accompanied by muscle cramps or exhaustion may be heat stroke, according to MayoClinic.com. Diabetes, other chronic conditions affecting blood circulation and overactive thyroid are also medical causes of flushing, according to MotherNature.com.