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What Are the Benefits of Dietary Silica Gel?

Silica gel is a water-based gel produced from silicon and other synthetic materials known for its ability to absorb and maintain moisture. Although the term "silica gel" generally describes this particular type of silica substance, silica gel is actually a solid rather than a gel. Manufacturers use silica gel in a variety of beauty products and dietary supplements. You should, however, speak with a medical professional prior to taking silica gel in supplement form.

Silicon Advantages

The element silicon is the key component of silica gel. According to “Silica: the Amazing Gel: An Essential Mineral for Radiant Health Recovery and Rejuvenation” by Klaus Kaufmann, silicon helps to facilitate the process of cell formation and metabolism. Moreover, silicon supports the structure of your connective tissue in your body and can even slow down the aging process of your tissues. You can find silicon in supplement form and also naturally in several foods including oats and wheat.

Skin Advantages

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Silica gel can also benefit your skin. Kaufmann states in his book that silicon can absorb some of the toxins found on your skin. This property of silicon can helps to keep your skin clean and free of acne and blemishes. Furthermore, the silicon in silica gel can increase the elasticity and firmness of blood vessels in your skin and help slow down the aging process. Silica gel can give your skin a newer and healthier look and reduce inflammation.

Other Benefits

Dietary silica gel can also make your hair and nails stronger. Additionally, silica gel supplements contribute to healthy bones and can help prevent osteoporosis. According to Kaufmann, silica deposits essential minerals in your bones and can speed your body’s natural healing process. Your body also can more easily take in phosphorous when silica is present in your body; your body needs phosphorous to make and repair bones. Thus, silica gel supplementation can benefit your bones.


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The price of silica gel largely depends on the quality of the silica gel, the brand of the gel and other ingredients found in the silica gel product. Different brands also contain different amounts of silica gel, so look at the percentage of silica gel in a product when comparing prices. Many silica gel products in the market mix silica gel with water, reducing the quality of the silica gel product. To get the most benefit from the silica gel product, purchase silica gel products that contain 100 percent silica gel.