The Best Way to Cleanse Colon Using Magnesium Citrate

If you find that you are constipated or would like to cleanse your colon, magnesium citrate is a supplement you can take to assist you in this process. There are a variety of considerations and precautions to understand while using magnesium citrate.

Proper Use

The key to a colon cleanse with magnesium citrate is to understand how the product works so that you can effectively use it to cleanse your colon. As a general note, magnesium is the most common mineral found in the human body and assists with normal muscle and nerve functioning. Magnesium citrate helps clean out the bowels and cleanse the colon once ingested in a liquid form.

When conducting a colon cleanse with magnesium citrate, you should consult your physician, who will provide you with the appropriate dosages of the supplement. The typical dosage for adults is 10 fluid ounces. If you choose not to consult your physician, you can simply follow the directions on the supplement’s box. Do not use the medication for more than a week, and always take the supplement on an empty stomach.

Foods to Avoid and Drug Interactions

To best cleanse with magnesium citrate, there are certain drugs and foods you should avoid to limit any complications during the colon cleanse. Avoid heavy or solid foods in the days leading up to the colon cleanse. Focus your diet on soups and liquids. suggests that you should also maintain a high-salt diet prior to the colon cleanse. Avoid using magnesium citrate if you are taking medication for kidney disease or any other medications that thin your blood (e.g., Cipro or Lanoxin).

After completing your colon cleanse, do not immediately begin consuming solid foods. Slowly begin eating soft foods similar to the foods you consumed leading up to the colon cleanse. Within a few days, you can begin consuming solid foods. Consider eating foods high in fiber such as dark leafy greens, vegetables and fruit. To maintain a clean colon, consider eating Brazil nuts and almonds.


To ensure that you are cleansing your colon the best way with magnesium citrate, make sure that you take precautions during the cleansing. Precautions include knowing about any possible side effects that may indicate your colon cleanse has gone awry. Contact your doctor if you experience severe stomach cramps, nausea or vomiting. If you notice an irregular heartbeat or lightheadedness, cease the treatment and contact a physician immediately. Finally, if you notice blood in your stool, there may be a serious injury to your digestive system and you should contact your doctor or go to the emergency room.