Volleyball Locker Decorating Ideas

By Melinda Gaines

Locker decorating is often done by cheerleaders, but volleyballs players can also use this form of school spirit as a team bonding activity. Whether it's to celebrate a winning season or a big game, decorating the lockers of volleyball players can help them feel encouraged and motivated. No matter what your budget, there are volleyball locker decorations you can make that will be memorable and appreciated by all of your team's players.


Mums are traditionally used at homecoming time, but they make cute volleyball locker decorations anytime during the playing season. Go to your local craft or hobby-supply store and buy small mums in your school's colors--most stores stock a wide variety of mum colors. Use glitter glue to write the name of each player on the ribbons, and use hot glue to attach miniature volley balls as decorations. The mini-mums can either be attached to the lockers with adhesive dots, double-sided tape or by sliding the pin on the back into a slot on the locker.

Individual Banners

Banners are common locker decorations that are easy and affordable to make. To make custom volleyball banners, add team photos to pieces of drawing paper, write the name of each player on the top of their banner, and decorate the paper with decals of your school's mascot, adhesive rhinestones, glitter glue or stickers in the shape of volleyballs. Hang the banners with invisible tape or adhesive dots. To keep them from being torn by the tape, laminate the banners before hanging them on the lockers.

Volleyball Tees

T-shirts make fun and functional volleyball locker decorations. Your coach should know the T-shirt size of each player, so all you need to do is purchase one for each member of the team from your local craft store. Tees can be embellished to look like your playing uniforms with iron-on letters and numbers. For a less-expensive alternative, use fabric paint or glitter glue, and tie up the sleeves with ribbon in your school's colors. To put the tees on each player's locker, slip part of the sleeve into the locker slot or put up inexpensive adhesive plastic hooks to hang the shirts on.

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