How to Use Salt to Cure White Tongue

A tongue can become covered with a white coating 1. This usually indicates the presence of bacteria and dead cells. Along with the white tongue, you may notice that you have bad breath 1. Oftentimes this occurs as a result of smoking or excessive drinking. It can also occur if a person becomes dehydrated or comes down with a fever. You can get rid of white tongue by using table salt 1.

Mix one tsp. of salt with three oz. of warm water. Use this solution to gargle for 45 seconds. After the 45 seconds are up, spit the solution into the bathroom sink.

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Repeat step one two more times.

Measure half a tsp. of salt out and sprinkle it directly on your tongue. Brush the salt on your tongue with a toothbrush. The salt will not taste good but it will get rid of the white tongue 1. Rinse your mouth out with water.

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Repeat step 3 two more times.

Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper.


After a case of white tongue, you will need to get a new toothbrush. Your old toothbrush will contain bacteria and using it will just cause the white tongue to come back.


A white tongue may be a sign of a more serious illness such as cancer. If the white tongue doesn't go away after the salt treatment, seek advice from a physician.