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How to Use the Curves Pedometer

By LaurenKrotosky

The Curves pedometer -- a small purple device -- promotes the Curves national fitness center for women. The pedometer, formerly sold through Avon, tracks the number of steps you take daily to help you ensure you're getting enough exercise. The pedometer tracks up to 10,000 steps, the number recommended by the U.S. surgeon general.

Step 1

Set your pedometer daily to zero by hitting the reset button.

Step 2

Attach the pedometer’s clip to the waistband of your pants and walk. The pedometer automatically catalogs every step you take based on the movement of your body.

Step 3

Check your tally of steps periodically throughout the day to make sure you are making appropriate progress to reach you goal by nighttime.

Step 4

Remove the pedometer at the end of the day and check the number of steps you're reached. Set the pedometer back to zero.

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