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How to Use Clove Oil For a Toothache

Toothache pain is one of the worst types of pain and it seems that when it strikes, all you can think about is the pain. It occupies all your thoughts and you can't get on with your life. An alternative to pain pills, clove oil is an effective remedy for temporary toothache relief. Instructions on how to apply the clove oil follows in this article.

Dip cotton swab into clove oil bottle and remove, wiping any excess oil off on the inside neck of bottle. Clove oil has a strong aroma so don't be surprised if it smells pungent. Replace cap to clove oil.

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Apply dipped cotton swab directly onto tooth that hurts. The clove oil will slowly enter the tooth through any cracks or missing fillings and will travel to the nerve. Almost immediately you will feel the clove oil start numbing the pain. A dry, hot feeling may occur after application but this will not have a lasting effect.

Reapply clove oil treatment by following Steps 1 and 2 as soon as the pain starts coming back. Book an appointment with your dentist as soon as it is convenient as clove oil is supposed to be a temporary measure to relieve toothache pain and not a permanent fix.


Quick fixes are no substitute for proper dental care--see your dentist regularly


Clove oil, if continually reapplied for any length of time may kill the tooth's nerve.