How to Safely Gargle Hydrogen Peroxide

Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, and not only will you kill bacteria in your mouth, but you will also help to whiten your teeth. But you have to be careful. Hydrogen peroxide is an acid, and it can damage the tissues in your mouth if you are not careful. Here are some suggestions on how to gargle hydrogen peroxide safely.

Put one cap-full of hydrogen peroxide into a cup.

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Dilute the hydrogen peroxide with one cap-full of warm water.

Pour the mixture into your mouth, but do not swallow.

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Swish the liquid around so that it is moved between your teeth. This will kill bacteria on the gums.

Gargle the liquid by tilting your head back, opening your mouth and exhaling out of your throat. This will help to kill the bacteria that cause sore throats.

Prevent swallowing by closing your mouth and continuing to exhale out of your throat as you lower your head over a sink.

Spit all of the liquid into the sink.


Practice before you try hydrogen peroxide. Gargle with a mouth wash solution first. If you do not swallow the mouth wash, you can probably successfully gargle hydrogen peroxide. Ask your dentist for other tips about how to safely gargle hydrogen peroxide.


Never allow children to gargle with hydrogen peroxide. If swallowed, the mixture can cause poisoning. Give them salt water or mouth wash to gargle instead. Always dilute hydrogen peroxide before putting it in your mouth.