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How to Unprune Fingers

Do you remember how your fingers look after you have spent the day in the swimming pool or after taking a long bath? When fingers are in water for too long, they become wrinkled in appearance; this occurs because the keratin in our fingers absorbs the excess water and then swells, making the fingers look wavy. While this occurrence is natural and not permanent, it may bother you. Getting rid of the pruny appearance on your fingers is quick and easy.

Observe your fingers while in the water and be aware of when they start to prune. Leave the water once the pruning begins. Excessive time in water can cause your skin to become dehydrated. If you have sensitive skin, preventing your fingers from becoming excessively pruny is advisable.

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Dry your hands thoroughly on a cotton towel. Do not rub them, since this can irritate your wet skin. Rather, pat them dry, being sure to dry the area between your fingers. Don't dry your hands under a bathroom blow dryer because the hot air will severely dehydrate your skin.

Apply a healing ointment, such as Aquaphor, to your hands 2. Rub it in gently so that it can begin to work. The ointment will help replenish your dehydrated skin and will prevent cracks from forming as your skin dries. If you were swimming in a chlorinated pool, the healing ointment will remove the dryness that is an effect of chlorine 2.


The water wrinkles on your fingers should disappear within ten to fifteen minutes of exiting the water. If they remain for hours or become painful, contact your doctor immediately.