How to Unlock Pump Bottles

The pump bottle is a convenient alternative to the classic squeeze bottle. Allowing you to free up a hand or sterilize hands without worrying about dirtying the outside of the bottle, as you would with a squeeze bottle, the pump bottle is also often refillable, and you can use it for beauty products and home cleaning products alike. However, whenever you buy a new pump bottled product, getting it open can sometimes be tricky, as the pump bottle is shut tightly and often wrapped in plastic seal and requires unlocking its twist top prior to opening.

Wash and dry your hands to make sure they are clean and not greasy or slippery.

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Grab the bottle with one hand, near the middle or the bottom, and place the other hand firmly on the top of the pump.

Twist the hand on top of the pump to the left so it turns the pump spout.

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Twist the base of the bottle the opposite way as you are turning the pump. This will aid in opening the pump.

Twist the pump to the right and release your hand from the top of the pump. It should pop right up.


If the pump sticks, check that you are turning the base of the bottle the opposite way from the direction you are turning the pump.

To close the bottle, simply turn the pump in the opposite direction. There may be arrows on the top of the pump instructing you how to open and close the bottle.