How to Treat Scabies With Tea Tree Oil

Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by a parasite. This parasite burrows under the skin, causing a rash and severe itching. One of the most effective remedies for scabies is tea tree oil 1. Tea tree oil has safely been used for decades to heal many ailments, from insect bites to acne 1. Tea tree oil has antifungal, as well as antibacterial, properties 1. Tea tree oil works by absorbing and penetrating into the lower layers of the skin, killing the parasite 1. Tea tree oil also kills the eggs that have been laid by the parasite, preventing reinfestation 1.

Mix 1 tbsp. tea tree oil with 1 tbsp 1. olive oil, if you have sensitive skin. Otherwise, placing the tea tree oil directly on your skin can cause irritation 1. If you do not have sensitive skin, use undiluted tea tree oil 1. Set aside.

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Run a warm bath, and add 1 tbsp. tea tree oil directly to the bath water 1. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes.

Get out of the bath and pat your skin dry. Immediately place the towel you used in a plastic bag until you can wash it in hot water.

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Saturate a sterile cotton ball with the tea tree oil (or the tea tree/olive oil mixture) and rub on the scabies rash 1. Completely cover the rash area. Leave the tea tree oil on your skin, and do not rinse off 1.

Take the bath twice a day, if possible. If not, at least do the tea tree oil application to the skin morning and night 1.

Wash all towels, bedding and clothing in hot water. If possible, leave bedding or other fabric items sealed in plastic bags for up to 2 weeks before washing them.


Do not share clothing of any kind, and avoid close physical contact with others if you have scabies. It is imperative to clean your bed linens and clothing while treating your body for scabies. Otherwise, you risk a reinfestation.


If you do not find relief from scabies within 14 days of beginning the tea tree oil treatments, see your doctor.