How to Heal Insect Bites With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known as a skin miracle that has been used to heal warts, lice, acne, atheletes foot, dandruff and corns. Inhaled it is also said to boost the immune system, although you should never ingest it as it can cause depression, confusion and even a coma. Tea tree oil comes from tea trees in Australia and has been used by aborigines for hundreds of years for it's natural healing qualities. It is even put into the first aid kits of Austrailian soldiers. Here is how you can heal insect bites naturally with tea tree oil.

Wash area thoroughly with soap and water. You can use anti-bacterial soap. You always want to keep the area clean to prevent any further infection and please refrain from scratching as this can cause an open wound. Insect bites are no fun, but you can get rid of them quickly.

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Once the bite is clean, apply 1-3 drops of tea tree oil with a cotton swab directly to the bite. It's important to saturate the area with tea tree oil. This will get deep into the infection, cleanse it and cure it quickly.

Apply band aid so as the keep the tea tree oil on the bite as well as from evaporating and also, to keep you from being tempted to scratch. The other good thing about tea tree oil though is, it takes the itchy feeling away as well. Do this daily, 1-2 times a day until the bite is completely healed. Do not put any lotion on top of or immediately around the area until it is gone. Tea tree oil will heal it in a matter of days and also leave no scar remaining. Furthermore, it only takes a few drops daily to make a lasting impression.


You can buy tea tree oil at most health food and wellness stores as well as online through wellness and health specialty stores.