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The Best Energy & Appetite Suppressants

What to Look For

According to American Academy of Family Physicians, the ingredients you should look for in energy boosters are Ephedra, Bitter Orange, Guarana, Country Mallow, Yerba Mate or Caffeine. Appetite suppressants should include Glucomannan, Psyllium, Hoodia or Guar Gum. The FDA only approves prescription energy boosters and appetite suppressants, not over-the-counter medications, with the exception of Alli. Weight loss supplements can have severe side effects, so look for medications that have tested clinical results and choose a drug that best fits your medical history.

Common Pitfalls

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Energy boosters and appetite suppressants can have serious, potentially fatal side effects that can outweigh their benefits. Do not trust any claims that sound too good to be true, and do not take pills that do not provide ingredients or possible side effects. It is best to consult your doctor if you want to purchase these medications. The Weight-control Information Network warns that you may develop dependence or tolerance, and it strongly advises that weight loss pills should always be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. Studies cited in the British Medical Journal demonstrate that only certain energy boosters and appetite suppressants are effective, and that these produce only modest results.

Where to Buy

Appetite suppressants and energy boosters can be purchased at your local pharmacy or online. It is best to purchase them from a pharmacist with a prescription from your doctor, but if you do decide to purchase them online, investigate the website beforehand. Many websites advertise that they sell prescription drugs online without a prescription, but this is illegal, dangerous and almost always a false claim. Other websites will offer products that have no FDA approval, medical testing, or even a list of actual ingredients, and these can be extremely hazardous to your health or even fatal.


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Energy boosters and appetite suppressants are not cheap. One bottle—generally 60 tablets—can cost anywhere from $25 to $65. Any product offered below this price is probably not safe. Products are usually more expensive if they have been proven more effective but this is not always the case. Prescription drugs may be covered by your insurance policy, although they are typically more expensive than the over-the-counter varieties.

Insider Tips

You may need to take an energy booster and appetite suppressant for anywhere from a year to a lifetime. It will depend on your reaction to the drug's side effects and how effective it is for you. If you stop taking the medication, you will probably regain some weight, but exercise and a healthy diet can help you keep it off. You may only use weight loss pills if you are over 16 years old, unless you are using Orlistat, which can be used by anyone over 12 years old. Insurance will generally not pay for weight-loss drugs, although this policy is slowly changing.