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How to Tell if Your Period Is Coming

Symptoms that may be experienced before the onset of the menstrual period may arise a few days before your period starts. Typically, these symptoms will go away once your period has started. These symptoms will vary by person, and could include other symptoms that aren't discussed in this article. Many of these symptoms are also referred to collectively as premenstrual syndrome (PMS). You could experience all or none of these symptoms, and in varying degrees.

Bloating and/or cramping before your period is very common. You may experience excess gas, pain in your lower abdomen or both. These symptoms may come and go.

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Experiencing breast tenderness is a symptom associated with the menstrual cycle as well. You may experience more fullness, swelling, or tenderness of the breasts before or during your period. This symptom usually disappears after a few days.

Look at your face. Acne is caused in some women due to a hormonal imbalance during the menstrual cycle. You may notice pimples on your face before or during your period. These pimples usually disappear after your period without any treatment.

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Craving certain foods is a common symptom of PMS. This may be due to a decrease in the serotonin level, which is a chemical in the the brain believed to affect mood and appetite.

Fatigue or feeling more tired is very common. This may be due to a loss of iron when menstruating. If you are anemic, you may want to take an iron supplement daily which will help with the tiredness.

Feeling irritable is also a symptom of PMS. Some women may get agitated very easily. They may feel very sad during this time, due to fluctuating hormones.