Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen

Symptoms of too much estrogen, also know as estrogen dominance, cause a wide variety of symptoms that can frequently mimic other conditions. Estrogen dominance can be caused by birth control pills, diet, hormone replacement therapy and obesity.

Symptoms: Breast

Symptoms of too much estrogen routinely affect breast tissue. Commonly, breast tenderness and swelling, breast pain, breast cysts and breast density can occur.

Symptoms: Menstrual

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Symptoms of too much estrogen include menstrual irregularities. Excessive bleeding and prolonged periods can often result and should be promptly evaluated because this can signal other, more serious conditions.

Symptoms: Weight Gain

A common symptom of estrogen dominance is weight gain. Excessive estrogen not only affects appetite, it can cause water retention, which results in bloating, especially in the abdomen, and weight gain.

Other Symptoms

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Other symptoms of too much estrogen can include dysfunction of thyroid gland resulting in sluggishness, fatigue and cold extremities, insomnia, headaches, mood swings, hair thinning and decreased libido.


While symptoms of too much estrogen can be a nuisance, there are effective treatment options. Appropriate diagnosis is important to rule out other causes.