Side Effects of Estrogen on Men

Estrogen is a hormone produced in the female and male bodies. Estrogen in mainly responsible for the growth of female sexual characteristics. Men, however, also produce estrogen. Estrogen levels in men often increase with age. Estrogen levels can have both good and bad effects on the male body.


Estrogen helps the body increase calcium absorbed in the body. Low estrogen levels in males can lead to greater risk of fractures, in particular hip fractures.


Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen

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Increased estrogen levels cause the body to retain water. The excess water in the body leads to bloating and the swelling of legs and ankles.

Sex drive

Increased estrogen levels in men can decrease sex drive. The excess estrogen levels lowers sperm count and testosterone levels.


Broccoli & Estrogen

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Men being treated with estrogen for breast cancer can suffer soreness in their breast. Swollen breasts and tenderness of the breast can also occur.


Increased estrogen levels in men can lead to cancer. Cervical and prostrate cancer have been linked to high estrogen levels in men.