A Sick Feeling That Can Only Be Eased by Eating

In many cases, when you feel ill, you also don’t feel like eating. However, certain symptoms can actually improve when you eat something. Nausea, dizziness and other ill feelings might get better if you eat something. When in doubt, eat a few soda crackers or something light, like a small cup of soup, and see if you feel better. Don’t start with a large, heavy meal.

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar can cause:

  • trembling
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • palpitations
  • clammy skin

Low blood sugar can be cased by a medical condition such as kidney failure or diabetes mellitus, but it can also be due to crash dieting or simply skipping meals. Once you eat, your blood sugar should go back and the symptoms and feeling of sickness will dissipate.

Low Blood Pressure

Symptoms of low blood pressure can be easily confused with symptoms of low blood sugar or other health problems 3. One of the best ways to fix low blood pressure is to eat regular small meals throughout the day and to make sure you don’t skip meals or spend too many hours without eating something. Caffeine also raises blood pressure, so you might see the symptoms disappear if you have a cup of coffee or eat some chocolate.

Morning Sickness

According to the American Pregnancy Association, about half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness 2. For some, this might be one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Morning sickness is often just nausea, although some women might also experience vomiting. The best way to deal with morning sickness is to eat. Soda crackers, watermelon and salty potato chips can all help relieve the ill feeling.


People who eat for emotional issues might feel a physical need for food. When they feel stressed, depressed or upset, their bodies and minds might ask for food. Although the ill feeling is more mental than physical, it’s likely they will feel better after eating comfort foods. These can be sweets or salty foods, but they’re likely to be high in calories and fats.