How to Get a Sugar Rush

Sugar rushes are the feeling you get when you consume a lot of sugar, which gives you a large amount of short-term energy as your body burns through the simple carbohydrates that sugar is made up of. While a sugar rush feels good for a short amount of time, your body does need to balance its energy books. Your body's energy supply is like a bank account: If you have $100, you can spend $1 a day for three months or so, or you can spend it all at once and be broke tomorrow. A sugar rush leaves you without any money — or energy — in the bank. When you eat a lot of sugar and burn a lot of energy, you'll find yourself cranky, lethargic and generally feeling less energetic soon afterwards.

Find a sugary snack. For best results, find something with a large amount of sugar in relation to its size. This means that you should avoid natural sugars and choose processed sugars instead, because there is much more sugar in the average chocolate bar than in a piece of fresh fruit.

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Eat your sugary snack. The more you eat, the more pronounced your sugar rush will be — and the worse you will feel afterwards.

Prepare yourself for the sugar low by completing any important tasks while you are still experiencing the sugar rush.


Avoid doing this too often, as it is not very healthy. Excess sugar consumption can lead to obesity and diabetes, among other things.