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How to Get the Best Tan From a Tanning Bed

By Jonae Fredericks ; Updated July 27, 2017

Even in the dead of winter you can establish a healthy glow that looks as if you have spent weeks on a tropical island. A few weeks worth of tanning sessions can relieve you of your sun-deprived appearance and keep you looking your best. Achieving the best tan from your salon's tanning bed can be done safely and comfortably by following a few simple guidelines.

Ask for a skin analysis. Reputable tanning salons are able to offer their clients an analysis that will determine the proper tanning bed settings as well as the maximum amount of time that should be spent on the tanning bed during each session.

Apply tyrosine to your skin. Tyrosine will not only moisturize your skin, it will help to enhance your tan. Tyrosine induces the production of melanin cells by releasing an essential amino acid that kick starts the process.

Split your time. If your session is set at 20 minutes, plan to spend 10 minutes on your back and another 10 minutes lying on your belly. Splitting the time by flipping from your back to belly will help to eliminate tanning bed lines and ensure an even tan.

Keep your sessions short. Spending extra time on the tanning bed will not improve your efforts. In fact, the excess time can make you burn, which will damage your skin and cause potential peeling and dry patches.

Apply a body moisturizer immediately following your tanning session and after showering. This practice will keep your skin supple and help you to maintain your tan.

Skip a day in between. The tanning bed should not be used on a daily basis. In fact, hitting the tanning salon every other day is the best way to develop and maintain the best tan. Allowing your skin to have a recovery day in between sessions will prevent redness and burning, which can interfere with the overall look of your tan.


You may also wish to consider using a bronzing accelerator along with the tyrosine moisturizer. Tanning salons sell dark tanning creams that are especially formulated to be used along with the tanning bed to achieve the ultimate tan.


Always wear your safety goggles while tanning to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet lights. Sanitize the tanning bed before and after you use it. The tanning salon should have a spray sanitizer in the tanning room to be used for your protection. If it doesn't, think twice about using its services.

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