Sulfur & Skin Discoloration

Uneven skin tone plagues many people and can be the result of illness, scarring or acne. One treatment for uneven skin tone is sulfur. Sulfur is used to treat many skin problems. It evens out patchiness and fixes skin discoloration. To ensure the proper use of sulfur, please consult a medical professional.


Sulfur, a common mineral found in the body, eliminates toxins. It also protects the body from harmful substances such as free radicals. Eating a well-rounded diet, which includes vegetables, eggs and meats, provides you with the correct amount of sulfur.

Sulfur for Acne

A topical form of sulfur is used to treat acne 1. Often times, doctors prescribe sulfur along with other acne-fighting products. When applied to acne lesions, sulfur dries up the oil in the skin and causes peeling. Since sulfur is such a strong product alone, the wrong combination can result in an uneven skin tone. According to, if sulfur is combined with another product such as benzoyl peroxide, it can lead to skin discoloration 1.

Sulfur for Skin Problems

According to the, topical sulfur products are commonly used for many skin viruses 2. Some common uses include treatment for seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. These conditions discolor the skin, and often make it uneven, patchy and rough. With the help of sulfur, the skin tone improves and corrects itself.

Sulfur Changes Skin Color

Dr. Thienna Ho reports that sulfur improves skin discoloration and lightens your skin tone. Dr. Ho discovered that the amount of sulfur in your body controls your skin tone. Low amounts of sulfur in the body lead to darker, uneven skin color. On the contrary, a high amount of sulfur is the root of fair, translucent skin. By eating foods high in sulfur and taking sulfur supplements, you can even out your skin tone and develop radiant, glowing skin.


Before taking any supplement it is important to talk to a doctor or other health practitioner. Sulfur can be beneficial for uneven skin tone and many help with other skin-related issues. It does have side effects, however, and may not be safe for pregnant women. Before introducing sulfur into your life, conduct research and seek medical advice.