What Products Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid?

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Alpha hydroxy acids, including lactic acid, glycolic acid and citric acid, are a common component in skin rejuvenating products. Princeton University's health services department says the acids help by cleaning out your pores, removing dead skin cells and revealing newer, unblemished skin. The university also says the acids may reduce fine lines and help keep your skin hydrated.

Alpha Hydrox Toner Astringent

The toner from Alpha Hydrox is formulated for normal to oily skin, according to skin care expert Paula Begoun. It contains glycolic acid and other skin cleansers to help tone your skin's surface and remove any leftover debris deposits, such as makeup, that may be left after you've washed your skin. Additional ingredients, including herbal extracts and vitamins, may help nourish and condition your skin.

Amlactin 12% Moisturizing Lotion

Amlactin offers prescription-strength alpha hydroxy in its over-the-counter body lotion, which was chosen by InStyle magazine's editors as the best body treatment product. Dr. David Leffell, a dermatologist at Yale University who reviewed the cream for the magazine, said its effects are comparable to prescription treatments thanks to its high concentration of lactic acid. Standard humectants and emollients also help moisturize skin.

Arbonne NutriMinC Facial Serum

The strength of alpha hydroxy acid in the form of lactic acid is combined with salicylic acid in Arbonne's serum. Begoun tested it and rated its performance very good. The two acids may accelerate skin cell turnover while keeping blemishes at bay by unclogging pores. Begoun concludes that the treatment is packed with beneficial, skin-nourishing ingredients, including herbal extracts and wrinkle-fighting antioxidants.

Decleor Alpha Morning Cream

Decleor's skin cream holds two forms of alpha hydroxy acids--glycolic acid and lactic acid. Skin care expert Begoun notes that the cream's base has the right pH levels to allow the acids to work effectively on your skin cells. Emollients and skin conditioners also may help firm and plump your skin's look by boosting hydration and moisture levels on the skin's surface.